The Uses Of Palm Oil


Did you know, palm oil exist in your everyday life?


It is in your food products, like cake and ice cream.


It is an important component in bath soaps and hair shampoos.


It is used to make cosmetic products.



It is used to cook delicious food.


It also exist in inks and wall paints.


 Food Products


Cooking oil made from palm oil does not leave any unpleasant taste in food. It also does not leave sticky residue on your pots and pans.


Oil palm based vegetable ghee enhances the taste of your roti canai and murtabak. This ghee is more nutritious than ghee made from cow’s milk.


Industrial frying oil made from palm oil is the popular choice because it is stable at high temperatures. This stability enables a longer shelf life and high reusability. This allows the industry to keep its cost low.


Margarine made from palm oil is the best margarine because it does not need to undergo the hydrogenation process which produces trans fat.


Fats and fat blends made from palm oil are used to make cakes since it does not melt easily. It also gives the creamy taste in ice creams and chocolates.


 Non Food Products


Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

lipstick, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner,

toothpaste, deodorant


Household Cleaning Products

laundry detergents, fabric softeners, household detergents


Industrial Products

Printing Ink, Paint, pesticides